How To Measure Mattress Size For Baby Cot

Babies can spend up to 18 hours per day sleeping, a baby cot mattress is one of the essential and most important purchases when preparing for little precious arrival.


Choose the right sized mattress

It is important to measure the inside dimensions of the baby cot, the standard baby cot mattress sizes for Malaysia are:

60 x 120cm for small baby cot; 70 x 130cm for large baby cot. 


The baby cot mattress must be a good fit for the baby cot, there should be no more than two fingers of space between the side of the mattress and the baby cot frame. 


Baby Cot 

Recommended mattress thickness for baby cot is 10cm (4 inches).


Travel Cot  / Playpen

Recommended mattress topper thickness for travel cot / playpen is 3-5cm (1.2 - 2 inches).